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ESPRIT – Russell Street pop-up



As a member of the ESPRIT team, I played a crucial role in the successful launch of the Causeway pop-up, which marked the brand’s return to the city. I was involved in the design and production of the pop-up in collaboration with an agency. To promote the opening of the pop-up, I developed and executed a comprehensive advertising campaign that included both online and offline tactics. These included a free tram ride day, tram wrap, OOH SOGO video wall, and digital ad placement. In addition, I led the recruitment of more than 30 influencers for content creation and organized a press day to introduce the pop-up to the media. Overall, my contributions to this project were instrumental in achieving its success, and I am proud to have played a key role in the brand’s return to the city.

project date

August, 2022


360 Marketing Plan, Event Management, Advertising Plan, Internal and External Parties Management